V-Process Castings

Benefits include, superior surface finish, close tolerances, Zero-draft technology, rapid tooling and sample turnaround.

Investment Castings

Benefits include close “near-net-shape” tolerances, superior surface finish, rapid prototyping capabilities, wide range of alloys, conversions from fabrications and complex assemblies into one part.

Machined Components

High tolerance CNC Milling, turning, screw machine and Swiss machining technologies.

Coils, Wireforms, springs, laser welding

Very high precision, forming wire less than .001 thickness, range of materials including stainless, titanium, Nitanol, gold plated.

Precision Machined Gears

State-of-the-art equipment providing Gear cutting, grinding, turning, milling.  Aerospace and commercial applications.

Difficult, complex applications are our specialty!

Whatever your metal alloy application, the technologies offered by Vander Kaay and Associates, LLC can provide the solution.  Contact us to learn more about these leading edge processes!